Yuk #MulaidenganSadar


Yagi Natural was born from casual conversation with a college friend. She got inspired using cocoa butter as skincare product after her friend told about cocoa butter being wasted during processing cocoa bean in the relative's factory in Sukabumi.

Although cocoa butter is known as prominent ingredient for skin but have not been widely used for skin care in Indonesia. Cocoa butter has amazing healing properties and its ability to help skin retain. 

As a mom-to-be, she's determined to find a skin product that safe and friendly for pregnant woman. She learns how to be careful about what she put on the skin. A lot of skin care products in the market are containing chemical ingredient and not safe. Even more, chemical ingredients should still be avoided after giving birth and during breastfeeding. Since some of chemical ingredients can be absorbed into the skin and affected the baby.  She tickles to use cocoa butter for her own skincare product.

Using herself as guinea pig, she was measuring and mixing cocoa butter with other natural ingredients until discovered a perfect formulation for tropical weather. She could see how the skin feel different after apply the Yagi Natural cocoa butter. It slowly melted into the skin upon contact. Also, absorb quickly and leaving skin glow and smooth. Yagi Natural cocoa butter could moisturize the skin longer without reapply. 

The result amazed her friends who longing for natural, organic and eco- friendly product. They began to purchase the products. Yagi Natural slowly take a place on natural and organic skincare market in Indonesia.

From the very beginning Yagi Natural committed on using natural and sustainability ingredients. Eliminated all known harmful, chemical ingredient and are not tested on animals. Every product is designed to embrace the environment and empowering the community. We buy the cocoa bean with reasonable price from our farmer partner.

We believe by produced a thoughtful brand, we can contribute to shape of the future of beauty industry. If we use our collective power as conscious consumer, we can make the world better place. Let's join the force with Yagi Natural.