Yuk #MulaidenganSadar

Nadia Vashti Lasrindy

After pregnant first child, Nadia concern more about skin product she put on her skin. She used cocoa body butter from Yagi Natural to reduce appearance of stretch marks. She also impressed by eco-friendly Yagi Natural packaging. She has always been concerned about environment and willing to get involved.  Being co-founder Yagi Natural gave her opportunity to raise the awareness of eco-friendly skincare product also promote the important of sustainability.

Nadia have been friend with Farhaniza since high school time. They studied together in Architecture ITB. Farhaniza share the passion and vision of Yagi Natural to Nadia and she was hooked ever since. She's interest in graphic design, formulation and manufacturing process. Currently Yagi Natural based on Aceh and she could not get involved directly. Now Nadia focus on marketing and selling product for Jabotabek area since it's the Yagi Natural's biggest market.