Yuk #MulaidenganSadar


Handling Business development and sustainability, environmental problem, especially waste problem, always been the main concern for Zulfikar. He studied at Environmental Engineering in ITB and implement a responsible waste management service.  He's currently working as consultant for sustainable packaging in Danone and also co-found a social enterprise on responsible waste management service www.waste4change.com.

Zul believes we could live a comfortable life without harming the environment. We already have all the ingredients to solve it, but we need more connected, collaborate, and do real actions to make it happen.  The Yagi Natural vision and mission in line with values he up hold.

As supporting Husband, Zulfikar involved with Yagi Natural since day one. He mostly handling the business development and finance. Later on, his background study and interested on environment contribute to sustainability program in Yagi Natural. He believes we should aware of what's inside the skincare product and create sustainable sourcing as well. Being good looking is only a bonus.