Yuk #MulaidenganSadar


Yagi Natural was born from the desire to create organic and non-toxic skincare product. Product that deliver results by nourishing the skin with natural ingredients. Also, to create sustainable sourcing. We strive to build strong, long-term relationship with our farmer's partner. Improving performance in environmental, social, and ethical issues is becoming our concern as the part of the overall process.

Yagi Natural use the cocoa butter as the main ingredient. We are partnered with cocoa farmers in East Java and in Lesten Village, Gayo Lues-Aceh, near the border of Leuser Ecosystem.

Lesten village is the area where Yagi Natural have a development project to improve the quality of cocoa bean farming. There is a decline in production of cocoa beans due to low price of cocoa bean.  We are encouraged farmers to improve the productivity, sustainable form of cocoa production and stimulate farmer's sustainable behavior not to shift their plant into palm oil plantation.

Unsustainable palm oil plantation has made a huge impact on environment. They release massive amount of carbon dioxide in the air as rainforests are cleared. Palm oil plantation accelerate the rise in global temperatures. The land degradation caused by palm oil destroys the habitats of a number of animal species in Leuser ecosystem. 

Yagi Natural also use coconut oil as one of ingredient. We are partnering with Aluan, an organic certified coconut oil producer based on Simeulue Island Aceh. We make sure all the coconut oil we bought have the value added to Banyak islands ecosystem and helping to conserve and protect the turtle population.  One of the biggest threat of turtle is poachers. In distant past an enormous amount of turtle eggs were taken from Banyak Islands where this female turtle comes to nest. The poachers dig the nest and sold the egg to local market.