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Travel Series

Travel Series

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This a complete package of YAGI Natural Products ideal for travel companion or trial, each contain:

1. Shampoo of your choice

  • Frizz Away, ideal for dry and frizzy hair, make your hair smoother and easy to control
  • Good Hair Day, Ideal for normal to oily scalp, regulate your scalp sebum production and make you feel refreshed all the time.
  • Mommy and Me, a super mild and ideal for mom to be or lactating mom, with tearless feature, you can always use this also as head to toe wash for you and you little ones
  • Gentle Scalp, for troubled scalp, often have small acne or easily become red and itchy.

2. Body butter Small, the little but powerful super butter. Its main feature cocoa butter help you alleviate dry and cracked skin, but it also has multifunction benefit, such as soothing burns, or simply heals your cracked heels.

3. Plumping Lip Balm, the super mild and moist natural lip balm for you, even in the dryest climate it will prevent your lip from cracking or heal you dry lips.